Frequently Asked Question's

What is the cost of 911 Lookout services?

Services vary on the size of the public safety department and the yearly call volume. A no-obligation quote can be supplied at your first meeting. You can also consider longer service contracts to reduce cost over time.

How can 911 Lookout improve the opinion of public safety?

By using 911 Lookout, you are taking responsibility for customer service interactions. Your employees will be educated by our staff in how the services are used. Your employees will know their responses on calls will be measured, thus improving the relationship with the public.

How are the 911 Lookout card responses shared?

Monthly quality control reports will be supplied to whomever is designated as the point of contact. The department will have an overall rating, a shift rating, and over time, individual employee ratings.

Where should I share and use my 911 Lookout rating?

As your ratings improve, you can share bragging rights in your newsletters and at board meetings. You can use shift ratings to adjust staffing to create better comradery. Your individual employee rating can even be used for yearly evaluations and during a promotional process.

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