Performance Evaluation Services

Monitor Quality of Service From Your First Responders

911 Lookout gives municipalities the opportunity to solicit and receive direct feedback straight from the citizens they serve. Using our third-party service prevents important feedback from being filtered through the rank and file of your departments, and it gives those served by your first responders the opportunity to give anonymous, unfettered evaluation of the service they received.

How It Works

  1. After a community member receives service from one or more of your emergency responders, they will be administered an incident number along with a QR code that takes them to our survey page.
  2. The citizen will enter their incident number and identify the community in which they received service from. They’ll then answer four short questions ranking the service they received with the opportunity to write in any additional comments about the incident.
  3. 911 Lookout will compile the collected data and send monthly reports to the agency administration. These reports will show overall ratings for a department, shift ratings, ratings for individuals, and any comments about individuals or crews.
  4. You’ll be able to use this data internally for performance evaluations. Departments may choose to use these evaluations as part of their promotional process, or to correct substandard service. In turn, your community can be more confident in the service they’ll receive from your first responders. Your municipality's overall ratings can also be used for other purposes to showcase your commitment to quality service.

Why You Need a Third-Party Evaluation Service

  • Provides the public with a secure avenue to report their experience
  • Prevents any positive or negative comments from getting lost in the chain of communication
  • Acts as a liaison to improve your customer relations
  • Lends credibility to your municipality’s commitment to quality service

Implementing Our Services With Your Municipality

For help implementing our third-party evaluation services with your municipality, check out an example of Standard Operating Guidelines to use for your own team.

About the Ratings

In the survey, participants can rank different aspects of their experience on a scale of 1-5. Surveys of individual incidents will be summarized to show performance categorized by individuals, shifts, and departments as a whole.

Make 911 Lookout Your Third-Party Watchdog

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